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Getting Started


The fastest way to get started with ScrapeNinja is to launch the Scraper Playground with the HackerNews scraping example and click the large "Scrape it" button at the bottom of the form. Experiment with the URL and Proxy geo fields to see how it interacts with various target websites. The Playground uses the ScrapeNinja API under the hood but does not currently require your own ScrapeNinja API key, making it easier to get started. Additionally, the Playground provides a simple code generator functionality, allowing you to copy and paste the generated Node.js or Python code directly into your environment for integration.

Subscription via RapidAPI

Once you are ready to explore ScrapeNinja on a larger scale with automation, consider using RapidAPI. Here is the ScrapeNinja subscription page on RapidAPI.

RapidAPI is a prominent API marketplace that offers numerous beneficial tools for development, such as request/response logging, an API playground, code generators for various languages, and, of course, the option to subscribe to both free and paid plans of ScrapeNinja.

Subscription via APIRoad

APIRoad offers another way to utilize ScrapeNinja. It's a modern API marketplace similar to RapidAPI in terms of its features. Learn more here.


If you subscribe via APIRoad, in all examples you will need to change X-RapidAPI-Key to X-Apiroad-Key, and replace base API host from to