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/scrape: non-JS scraping



Use high-performance web scraping endpoint with Chrome browser TLS fingerprint, but without JavaScript execution and real browser overhead.



    url stringrequired

    URL to scrape

    headers string[]

    Custom headers to send with the request. By default, regular Chrome browser headers are sent to the target URL.

    retryNum integer

    Amount of attempts.

    geo string

    Default value: us

    Geo location.

    proxy string

    Custom proxy URL (overrides geo field). Available starting from ULTRA plan.

    followRedirects integer

    Default value: 1

    Follow redirects.

    timeout integer

    Default value: 10

    Timeout per attempt, in seconds. Each retry will take [timeout] number of seconds.

    textNotExpected string[]

    Text which will trigger a retry from another proxy address.

    statusNotExpected integer[]

    Default value: 403,502

    HTTP response statuses which will trigger a retry from another proxy address.

    extractor string

    Custom JS function to extract JSON values from scraped HTML. Write&test your own extractor on



    info object
    statusCode integerrequired
    finalUrl stringrequired
    headers string[]required
    body string

    HTML body of the rendered page.