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ScrapeNinja handles headless browsers, proxies, timeouts, retries, and helps with data extraction, so you can just get the data in JSON.
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Among our customers:
  • Intelligence agencies
  • Competitor pricing analysis platforms
  • Social network analytics platforms
  • Sports betting solutions

Rotating proxies: basic and premium.

ScrapeNinja sports 6 proxy locations out of the box, even on free plan:
  • US (datacenter, rotating)
  • EU (datacenter, rotating)
  • Germany (datacenter, rotating)
  • France (datacenter, rotating)
  • Brazil (datacenter, rotating)
  • Europe 4g (4g mobile, rotating)
If you need an ideal balance of price and quality for hard-to-scrape targets, we recommend our premium proxy service.

Premium ScrapeNinja Datacenter Proxies

100k+ IPs pool, 1.5 USD per GB
Every ScrapeNinja customer gets 50MB gift package of premium proxies.


Websites are getting harder to scrape. Web scraping protection evolved from checking user agent and other headers, to checking ip address of requester, and lately — to TLS fingerprint analysis. It is easy to start scraping in any programming language but only specialized solutions can provide the reliable way to scrape data on scale. has proven to provide high scraping reliability due to state-of-art real browser TLS fingerprint emulation, rigorous realtime stability monitoring of responses, and advanced tech which allows us to find and rotate best proxies.


Is any better than using Chrome extension XYZ?

Scraping Chrome extensions might be good when getting started, to do some light scraping, but for heavy duty and better performance you'd better use cloud-based solutions like ScrapeNinja.

Why not just use Puppeteer/Selenium to emulate Chrome?

When your Python or Node.js scraper fails to get data, using Puppeteer or Selenium is usually the most obvious alternative. But, these two, while doing wonders in terms of automation and flexibility, are slow, and it is very expensive in terms of hardware resources to keep 'em running on a scale, and it requires a lot of work to support it. UPD May 2022: Real Chrome evaluation is now available in ScrapeNinja via /scrape-js endpoint!

Is any better than BrightData Web Unlocker?

BrightData is a big player on scraping market, but their pricing is through the roof. It is easy to spend $2k or $3k on scraping via BrightData - and ScrapeNinja is a good affordable alternative.

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restyler/scrapeninja-api-php-client (Integromat) module: ScrapeNinja

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