Requests is the most popular library for the Python programming language to execute HTTP requests. On this page, you can convert your cURL command to the same HTTP request but in Python code, the request will be performed though ScrapeNinja Cloud servers.

Get retries, proxy rotation, and real Chrome TLS fingerprint for your CURL request, in a single click (this will require ScrapeNinja API key):

Your CURL command. You can copy any network request from Chrome as CURL. Example: curl -H "header: val"
Get your key on RapidAPI. Free plan is available.

General advice regarding request headers

If your request has Cookies header, take a closer look what might be encoded inside. It might contain some data to track you down, for example it might have your original request ip address, or your user session id (if you are authenticated on the website), or plenty of other sensitive data. Consider removing cookies header all together and see how the website behaves.

User-agent header is generally not required. ScrapeNinja appends some sensible user-agent string under the hood so you might consider removing this one, as well. Of course you can try to supply this header to override ScrapeNinja default user-agent.

Quick video overview of the cURL converter: